Donald A. Taffurelli

CEO, IXS NYC Headquarters

The Chief Executive Officer of the IXS Group, Mr. Donald A. Taffurelli, provides more than 30 years of experience in managing corporate merchandising, operations, and systems in the apparel, decorative home, and furniture industries. Prior to founding, Inc., Mr. Taffurelli’s executive tenure took him throughout Latin America. From opening significant South American enterprises, to leading Latin American retailers, his contribution to globally recognized institutions centered his expertise in the South American market. Going back to 1987, Donald’s long standing relationships and knowledge base resulted in the evolvement of the InteraxisSourcing Group of companies. The impetus to forming his own organization, Mr. Taffurelli observed, “was to complete what I perceived as a significant missing element - an honest, real commitment to the South American region’s development.”

In 1999, Mr. Taffurelli founded InteraxisSourcing.Com, Inc. Soon thereafter, he established other companies in the U.S. with branch offices in Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. By doing so he reinforced and expanded relationships: the core basis of business throughout the Latin American region. He is accredited by customers as being a specialist in Latin American sourcing, merchandising systems, and logistics, and is considerably well versed in Free Trade Agreements throughout the region. Having in depth perspectives, from both retail and sourcing disciplines, has enabled Donald to create a unique global sourcing, development, and production organization.

Mr. Taffurelli has a Master’s Degree in English Literature, and has taken a hiatus enroute to his Doctoral Dissertation. He enjoys literature, politics, systems analysis, and philosophical conversations. In his spare time at the gym he boxes and insures he keeps his “ticker at top performance”.