Luz Alvarado
Director Product Development

Luz Alvarado started her career over 17 years ago in the engineering division of the Peruvian Textile market, since 1999. Through hard work and a diverse multicultural client base, Luz grew through experience to become a technical expert of yarns, fabrications, and the many protocols and parameters of product development. In the capacity of Director,  Luz has trained and leads a knowledgeable team of Product Managers through the intricacies of design detail and layers of product costing to accomplish the most competitive value given to each and every technical objective. Her relationships throughout the Peruvian marketplace are at all times an asset to competitive sourcing, and leading new initiatives. Speed to market and being responsible for time are attributes given to Luz as a leader; she is as personable, as she is demanding of precision—she makes for a fully accountable, and accredited Director.